The Parian Vineyards

The glory of the Parian vineyards fades away in time, yet it is still vivid. Up to 1985 the vineyards were over 10.000 square km. in area, however today they are only 5.000 square km.

The main grape varieties of Paros are Mandilaria, Vaftra (red), the black Aidani, the white Savatiano and Monenvassia, which is found only in Paros; in 1997, the wine produced from this last variety has been recognized as clearly local wine and has been awarded the title of Appellation of Origin.

The Agricultural Association of Paros, which has a winery, tries to upgrade and develop the Parian vineyards and within this framework, in cooperation with scientists, aims at promoting the old varieties of Paros and at multiplying the vines by cloning them. At the same time, it also tries to treat the contaminated plants.



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